Hospital Stay

Documents And Paperwork

  • All documents relative to your stay
  • Id, Medical Aid Card, Phone List of Immediate family
  • List of Present Medication

Notebook And Pen

  • You’ll think of questions to ask your doctor or things you’d like your family to bring

Cell Phone, Charger And Adapter


  • Bring a Dressing Gown, Pyjamas, Underwear, Socks and Slippers


  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Lotion, Lip balm, Deodorant, Soap, Shampoo, a Comb or Hair Brush, small Mirror, Wet Wipes and Tissues for cleaning up hands, face and for overall freshening up

Avoid Perfumes And Any Highly Scented Products


  • Prescription and non-prescription medicine in original containers.
  • Have a list of name and dosage of all your current medications including prescribed, herbal, and over the counter drugs


  • If your wear contact lenses, rather bring pair of glasses for your stay

Cash And Small Change – Not more than R20

  • Bring a small amount of cash which will allow you to purchase snacks, a newspaper or other things from the hospital shop

Occupy Your Time

  • Books, Magazines, iPad and Charger
  • Consider headphones for items with audio output

Leave At Home

  • Expensive watches
  • Expensive sunglasses
  • Credit cards
  • Jewelry
  • Other valuables
  • *All electronic equipment at own risk